Frankie's family photos

It all began with the father of the owner, Franco, where the name “Frankie’s” originated from.  His son, Stephane moved to the United States and married an American girl, Molly.  They decided to bring homemade Italian-American Food “Like your Mamma used to Make” to Lenox and opened Frankie’s in July of 2007.

The walls of the restaurant tell the story of the Franco’s family in Italy.  You will find pictures of Franco’s Italian family as well as many famous singers, actors, athletes and infamous mobsters who have made their mark in Italian-American History.

Frankie’s is about family. A place where you can share laughs and good times while enjoying true Italian-American food with a warm and attentive old fashioned service amongst friends and family.

Most of the dishes that you find on the menu are from Stephan’s family recipes of Bologna in the north of Italy. We pride ourselves in making everything fresh and with quality ingredients, like it has always been in Italy.

We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us and come back and visit us soon!

Buon Appetito!